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Table of Contents

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🔍 Learn UX

💯 All-In-One Lists

💡 Design Inspiration

🏃 Practice Makes Perfect

😼 Illustrations & Animations

🕊️ Design Ethics

🔍 UX Research

✍️ UX Writing

📚 Books


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🔨 The Essentials

Google Stuff

🤜🏽 A Local Touch

🖋️ Urdu Design

🔢 Designing USSD Services

👥 Gender and Design

👁️ For Visual Learners

📁 Miscellaneous


<aside> 👤 If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for UX stuff.

Congrats, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Here you’ll find a curated list of everything we use at dli5 to help us do our work. And while there’s a ton of other resources out there that we could have included, this one is based on everything we’ve personally used. So you know it’s worth your while.

This page is divided into two sections: the first is for general design resources, and the second is specifically for designing for low-literacy and novice users of technology, including left-to-right languages.

Don’t forget to bookmark us! And visit dli5.com/learn for more UX goodies!


General Design Resources

Rectangle 181purple_round_flat.png

🔍 Learn UX


The best site to begin, of course. cough cough

Built For Mars

5-minute cases studies (full of memes) on what makes for great UX. The direct inspiration for dli5's origins.


Similar to Built for Mars, but with the added focus on product growth (as the name implies). Also has a great cheatsheet for the intersection between psychology and design.

Google UX playbooks

A collection of industry-specific UX playbooks by Google. Full of helpful screenshots on what good UX looks like. They're super easy to scroll through and are divided by which part of the site you intend to improve.


A very, very fun webpage to learn about the stages of user-centered design by getting you to design a Batman suit.

Nielsen-Norman Group

There's plenty to do on the NN Group site, but I recommend the 'Articles' section. Short reads on various UX principles, many of which are also summarized in videos on their YouTube channel.


A handy list of, well, checklists, to make sure you haven't made any UX bloopers. There’s one for every flow and page.

Can’t Unsee

FUN GAME. Test your UI skills by understanding how subtle changes can make the whole thing feel 'off' and impact usability.

Really Good UX

Short articles and examples of - as the name suggests - really good UX.

Laws of UX

I personally think 'laws' is a strong word, but this is a good list of principles that you should follow in general when designing.

Design Principles

Speaking of design principles, this is another list of them in action - but it's not particularly well curated.

How to Start in UX

A step-by-step 'course' for the design process, with a decent selection of articles for each step. Use this if you want to see the lay of the land without diving into an intensive course.

💯 All-In-One Lists


The mother load of bookmarks for everything a designer might need.

Seriously, if you only open one link, this should be it.

Product Disrupt

Another all-in-one list for product design specifically.

💡 Design Inspiration


A dli5 favorite - tons and tons of screenshots for dozens of apps; you can filter for specific pages or flows as well.


A cross between Mobbin and Built For Mars: UX teardowns specifically for onboarding patterns.

UI Garage

Similar to Mobbin, but not as nice.


Similar to Mobbin and UI Garage, but even less nice. And not very free.


Mobbin, but for desktop websites instead of apps.

Nicely Done

Similar to WebFrame (desktop patterns) but extremely limited free offering.


'Award-winning' websites.

Landing Folio

Landing pages. That's it. All about inspiration and resources for your landing page.

The Whimsical Web

Fun, quirky websites for when you have a fun, quirky project.

🏃 Practice Makes Perfect

Drawerr Challenge

If you're looking for a UX challenge to practice your craft, there's a bunch of them here. You can also submit your output to the site for some cash prizes.


And if you want to practice your UI instead, here's quite a few randomized prompts for you to think about.

😼 Illustrations & Animations

For when you need illustrations but can't afford an illustrator:

Story Set


Scale By Flexiple

These websites all offer free, customizable illustrations for a quick fix (although they come at the cost of looking very generic if you over-use them)


Similar to the above, but for animations.

Their (current) homepage describes it best: "Lightweight, scalable animations for your website and apps"


For all your icon needs. Trust me, you’ll need them more than you think.

🕊️ Design Ethics

Humane By Design

A list of ethical design principles with examples.

Make sure to check out the Resources section for some excellent...well, resources.

Dark Patterns

The evil twin of Humane by Design. A list of dark patterns with examples - and a hall of shame.

Again, check out the reading list.

🔎 UX Research

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started in UX Research

The Big Honkin' Guide to UX Research. It's like this list, but better. And specifically for research.

✍️ UX Writing